Come Oil With Me

Hi! I'm Sarah - and this is my husband Rich, and our crazy kiddos, Emma, Landon & Willow. I am a Gold leader with Young Living, and love educating about wellness, purpose, abundance, and essential oils. I started oiling with my family but ended up not being able to stop talking about our testimonies. I ended up helping our friends use them too, and it quickly turned into a whole new mission. It became my mission to help other women (and men!) like us that loved oils and a semi-crunchy lifestyle (semi crunchy because I still like a glazed donut & greasy piece of pizza every now and then). It gives me much joy to be able to teach other families (like our own) to be empowered by their own wellness journey, and I ended up founding the Essentially Fearless Community. Every month, we would watch as more and more families joined and the community kept growing. It quickly became a community of like minded people sharing stories and successes and hope and freedom and wellness.

NEW TO ESSENTIAL OILS? In my family we have seen successes in using essential oils for sleep, stress, supporting healthy immune systems, clearer skin, bed wetting, anxiousness, household cleaning and so many other things. Young Living is so different than any other oil you can buy because of Seed to Seal. They are the only company that has 30 years experience, you can actually walk on any farm they own and see how they distill. The way they distill and farming methods is why their oils are able to be used the way we do - topically on skin and kids and pets, and why they are able to be taken as dietary supplements. It's pretty awesome!!